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Drawer Racking research and development background

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The development background of drawer Racking

At this stage, the classification requirements for the use of shelves in the factory have become more and more professional, and various shelf structures basically meet the storage requirements of the factory materials. However, when accessing machining blocks such as large molds, the following problems are often encountered:
Due to the heavy weight of large molds and inconvenient access, the existing large mold racks are mostly single-layer structures, which causes great waste of factory space; some of these shelves are also multi-layered on the market due to Due to its own structural characteristics, large materials are prone to instability of the shelves when they are accessed. Once the shelves are dumped or the materials fall, large casualties and property losses are caused.


In response to the above situation, Longwell-Powerway invented the 100% pull out drawer type rack, the characteristics are as follows:

1. The drawer type racking adopts multi-layer drawer type laminar structure. The double track is used between the drawer layer board and the shelf column. At the capacity loading of 1000kg, the drawer opening range is 100%, which is convenient for access operation. Save a lot of storage space.

2. Each layer is equipped with a safety limit device to ensure that the drawer laminate will not slide out by itself. When accessing the operation, the limit pin is opened and the drawer laminate is opened and used. Greatly protect the personal safety and property safety of workers.

3. The bottom layer is supported by anti-dumping base, which can increase the area directly in contact with the ground. The base support can be directly connected to the ground, which ensures the stability of the whole shelf.

4. The column adopts the connected column structure, which can be easily and flexibly expanded.

5, Free selection of the spreader, track, strengthen the frame, etc., with mechanized operations.


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