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Longwell cabinet drawer divider

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Longwell Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. has been researching and promoting solutions for in-plant logistics management technology for over 20 years. The drawer is used as the storage space of the smallest unit in the factory's internal station equipment, and its utilization efficiency determines the material management level of the enterprise. Based on the principles of refined management concepts, PowerWay engineers have designed and developed the four drawer internal separation systems most commonly used in the industrial field.

Model 1:  Steel drawer divider



The internal space of the drawer is separated by a combination of a longitudinal groove partition (D) and a horizontal split piece (W). Its technical characteristics are diverse and flexible. The user can build a free space according to the shape and size of the material; the partition plates (sheets) in the W and D directions are fastened by screws and the bottom of the drawer. 



suitable for storing metal standard parts, small and medium-sized work fixtures, CNC tools, measuring tools, personal labor protection products, etc


Model 2: Red box drawer divider 工具柜分类盒抽屉


The slot width and slot length of the sorting slot adopt a unitized combination splicing method to maximize the free combination of storage of different storage materials.


suitable for storing small parts, hardware standard parts, cylindrical knife fixtures, electronic components, etc.


Model 3 : Positioning seat + positioning pin structure




This type of structure is divided into two types: plastic positioning seat and metal fixing pin.
The plastic positioning seat adopts the insert process, and the diameter of the cylinder can be selected according to the characteristics of the storage material.
The metal fixing pin is made of cold rolled round steel and galvanized.
The plastic positioning seat and the metal fixing pin are fixed by the bottom screw and the drawer bottom plate.


It is suitable for positioning and fixing of fixed discs, serrated items, common maintenance tools, measuring tools, etc.


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