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Service Hotline :
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Intelligent Tool Cabinet Station


Color: white, black, gray, green, red, blue, etc


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  • Description
  • Product parameters
  • Powerway intelligent workstation:

    New intelligent workstation device product developed by POWERWAY in 2017.
    Developed on the basis of the tool cabinet.


    (1) Cold-rolled steel plate material, rolled and welded into shape, with a thickness of 1.2mm and a self-weight of 75kg, ensuring the bearing strength and standing stability.(

    2) the surface of the cabinet is a process of electrostatic decay and plastic spraying. The color of the cabinet is camel's grey wrinkle. The cabinet door is equipped with transparent plexiglass.

    (4) the structure of the cabinet can be classified into groups according to the space occupied by different specifications and quantities according to the customer's requirements. It can be customized for the tools and tools.

    (5) excellent dehumidification ability, stable operation, low noise, low humidity rise, low failure rate, basically no maintenance or less maintenance, can adapt to the need of rapid reuse, timely dehumidification and drying of insulation tools.

    (6) accurate measurement and wide measuring range can be controlled to observe the situation in the cabinet and dynamically display the temperature and humidity data in the cabinet synchronously

    (7) the operation is simple and reliable, and the automatic/manual control can be freely switched. In the automatic state, the upper limit of the temperature in the cabinet can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the external environment temperature, so as to ensure that the tools in the cabinet are not exposed when they are used.



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